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Been a while...

It's been a while since my last real entry. I kind of feel bad about not keeping up with Livejournal (both writing and reading); I constantly think to myself about writing about something that's happened to me, but never actually getting around to it.

Some brief updates...
I'm taking an indefinite time off from school. I finished my undergrad stuff, got my diploma- but my heart's just not into what I was planning to do, which was getting a teaching credential. It's a lot of work and I'm definitely not ready to give up the job I have now.

I'm still single, but I have a feeling that might change soon. Fingers crossed...

I am on speaking terms with my brothers again. I doubt we'll ever have a close relationship or even call each other up just to say hi or shoot the shit, but we've been in some social situations and it wasn't painful or awkward.

And finally, I wanted to write a bit about my weekend...

My parents called me up on Sunday morning to invite me over to the house for a dip in the pool. I said sure, I'd be by the house later. As I was leaving, my dad called to ask me over again, but I ignored the call, figuring I'd see him in five minutes anyways.

So I get to the house, peak out the window and my dad is laying on a lounge chair and my mom is on an inflatable raft in the pool... COMPLETELY NAKED!

I'm a bit panicked... what do I do?!

I called Glo, who thought I was making it up, and then decided to reenter the house, but make a lot of noise to let them know I was there. I slammed doors, banged cabinets closed, stomped my feet... still nothing. And my dad had joined my mom in the pool at this point.

Now I was really getting freaked out... I figured I'd drive away, call the house, and tell them I was on my way. But as I was about to sneak out, my mom came into the house, so I was trapped. I ran into my old room, tore off all my clothes, and jumped in the shower (don't ask me why... I think I figured I could say I went straight into the shower and I didn't see anything at the pool if it came down to that).

I finish up in the shower and my mom is sitting in the kitchen wearing just a towel and even though neither of us said anything, I could just feel like she knew.

As bad as it was seeing my parents frolicking naked in the pool, thank God they weren't actually fooling around!
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